Paramount Movies has released the trailer and key art for DeInstitutionalized’s upcoming film ASSAULT ON VA-33!! Gerald Webb produced the film and plays head of theU.S. Military Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Welch in this action thriller starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Michael Jai White, Mark Dacascos, Abigail Hawk, Gina Holden, Rachel True, Weston Cage Coppola and more.

Army veteran, Jason Hill (Flanery), heads down to his local VA hospital for a routine PTSD appointment when terrorists invade the facility to kidnap head of theJoint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Welch (Webb). Of course, Hill’s wife (Holden) works there and becomes one of the hostages. The cast includes action movie favorites Michael Jai White (“Accident Man”) as police Chief  who realizes that Sean is our only hope and Mark Dacascos (The Chairman from “The Iron Chef,” “John Wick 3”) as a bad guy with martial arts skills. Nick Cage’s son Weston Cage Coppola shows up as the lead terrorist.

Get a preview of all of the action here: