Teaser trailer for $TACK$, Gerald’s directorial debut, has been released…

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15MinutesWith.com Profiles Gerald 15MinutesWith's Michael McClelland did an amazing and in-depth profile on Gerald's life and career. Gerald was humbled and honored by the care with which Michael [...]

MovieScramble.com Reviews $TACK$

MovieScramble.com Reviews $TACK$ MovieScramble.com reviews $TACK$. “The high production values and quality of actor on-screen just add to the overall feeling. It is a clever and confident debut [...]

FilmAndTVNow.com Reviews $TACK$

FilmAndTVNow.com Reviews $TACK$ FilmAndTVNOW.com shared their thoughts on $TACK$. “This is a very ingenious short which takes the tradition of a gang warfare narrative and subverts it to [...]