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On the eve of the Covid-19 worldwide quarantine, Daytime Emmy nominated producer, Gerald Webb, made his directorial debut in 2020 with the edgy short film $TACK$.

Synopsis: Unprecedented times force two fierce rivals to come face to face for the first time in over a decade, to close a deal for the most valuable substance on earth.

Starring: Mark Christopher Lawrence, Diahnna Nicole Baxter, Calvin Winbush, Tarnue Massaquoi, Jamie Burton-Oare and Jadarrell Belser

Directed, Written and Produced by: Gerald Webb

Runtime: 7:26

Director statement: $TACK$, at its core, is a film that holds a mirror up to every viewer and every member of our society offering them the opportunity to see the best and the worst in themselves. Upon first view almost everyone misses the stinging social commentary and myriad of clues teasing the audience as to what’s truly unfolding on screen. Purposefully daring them to confront the judgments and assumptions in their own minds. What judgements will you make and how will they affect your views of Magdalena, Hector, Ty, Rube, Momo and Jordan? In the end what do those judgements reflect within you?

The high production values and quality of actor on-screen just add to the overall feeling. It is a clever and confident debut that pays off superbly due to the meticulous lead-in.

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$TACK$ (Stacks Movie)

STACKS ($TACK$) is a nail biting dramatic program dripping with social commentary on our post Covid-19 world.Directed, Written and Produced by Daytime Emmy A…

About the filmmaker: Gerald Webb directed, wrote and $TACK$. While the film marks Webb’s directorial debut, the Daytime Emmy Award nominated producer, actor and former casting executive is no stranger to filmmaking. He has produced 35+ films, cast 100+ films and has portrayed roles in over 150 films and television shows including: BARRY, LA’S FINEST, BULL, CRIMINAL MINDS: BEYOND BORDERS, IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, AGENT CARTER, 9-1-1 and many more.

In 2012, Gerald co-founded production company, DeInstitutionalized, LLc, with Christopher Ray. The company has produced and delivered films to partners including: Netflix, MarVista Entertainment, Syfy Network, Lifetime Network, ION Television and Cinedigm. Gerald also executive produced DeInstitutionalized’s new scripted digital series, FraXtur.

Prior to co-founding Deinstitutionalized, Gerald through his other company, Transformation Films, cast 100+ feature films including Syfy network’s mega-hits SHARKNADO 1-3 and the first season of Syfy’s series Z-NATION. Gerald worked his way up to the executive position of Director of Talent for The Asylum studios, producers of Sharknado and Z-NATION. He immediately went to work to transform the diversity of the studios’ films. Under Gerald’s guidance, star name casting for The Asylum’s films grew by 380% and diversity in casting across all categories more than doubled.

In 2019, Gerald Webb was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award as a producer on Amazon’s THE BAY. He’s also garnered 7 Telly Awards in 2018 for Circus Kane and two in 2019 for 2nd Chance For Christmas. Gerald is a member of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, The Screen Actors Guild (SAG/AFTRA) and the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE).

Currently Gerald can be seen guest starring on LA’s Finest, 9-1-1, in Deinstitutionalized’s upcoming action film ASSAULT ON VA-33 and in the hilarious music video for DROPPING DEUCES from the $TACK$ soundtrack.



$TACK$ Cast and Crew

Director, Writer, Producer:       Gerald Webb                               @GeraldWebb

Hector:                                           Mark Christopher Lawrence    @MarkChristopherLawrence

Magdalena                                     Diahnna Nicole Baxter             @DiahnnaNicole

Ty                                                     Calvin Winbush                        @Calvintheii

Reub                                                Tarnue Massaquoi                   @TarnueMassaquoi

Jordan                                             Jamie Burton-Oare                  @SoulfulStepsjj

Momo                                              Jadarrel Belser                        @TheBelser

Cinematographer:                        Thomas Hennessy                   @AngryJimmyFilms

Editor:                                             Jeff Murphy                              @JeffMurphyQuest

Music video editor:                      Ken Prieto                                @KenPrieto

Composer:                                     Knappy                                    @Knappy

Sound Mixer:                                Alexander Hutchinson              @Axhutchinson

1st AC, Focus Puller, Stills:        Kasee Shambora                     @KaseeShambora

Gaffer:                                            Curtis Davis                             @CdavisCamera

Associate Producer:                    Mark Christopher Lawrence     @MarkCHRLawrence

Associate Producer:                    Meredith Thomas                     @MeredithActress

Production Coordinator:           Sam Qualiana                          @SamQualiana

Visual Effects Artist:                   Knappy                                    @Knappy

Publicist:                                     Catherine Lyn Scott                 @LondonFlairPR

Production Assistant:               Yolanda Edme

PR Company:                             London Flair PR                       @LondonFlairPR

Post Production Services:       Quest Pacifica

DROPPING DEUCES was written and performed by Gerald Webb and produced by Knappy.


Local Director Gerald Webb Explains How He Completed Project During Pandemic

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Movie studios continue to draw up plans when it comes to the release of summer blockbusters during the pandemic. Smaller filmmakers are dealing with the same issues as well. CBS’3 Ukee Washington introduces us to a local filmmaker who’s based in Los Angeles and how he actually completed a project during the pandemic.

$TACK$ – Review

TACK$ is a film that is very much of its time. With the world still dealing with the global pandemic, the short movie takes a look at a very particular problem associated with everything that is going on.

Movie Short Review: ‘$tack$’ – RedCarpetCrash.com

Greetings again from the darkness. The set-up is a familiar one. Two tough guys, armed with weapons, snap at each other about the meeting that is about to go down. Tensions are high. Taking place in an underground garage for privacy, and as the SUV approaches, the two men bow up – looking ready for action.

Short Film Review: $tack$ (dir by Gerald Webb)

Sometimes, you have to laugh. That may seem like odd advice to give at this moment in history because, right now, there’s a lot of people who are convinced that we’ll never share a joke or a smile again. They look at the news about the spread of COVID-19 and the empty grocery store shelves…

Short Film Review: $tack$ (dir by Gerald Webb)

Sometimes, you have to laugh. That may seem like odd advice to give at this moment in history because, right now, there’s a lot of people who are convinced that we’ll never share a joke or a smile again. They look at the news about the spread of COVID-19 and the empty grocery store shelves…

Virtual Premiere Announced For Gerald Webb’s $TACK$ And Accompanying Covid-19 Themed Parody Soundtrack DROPPING DEUCES

Transformation Media, LLC is pleased to announce the lead cast and virtual premiere for the nail biting $TACK$, a drama is dripping with social commentary on our post Coronavirus world. $TACK$ and Dropping Deuces, a Covid-19 themed parody song and music video soundtrack are available NOW.