Cheryyl Bird of Canada’s Core Magazines reviewed $TACK$ and had high praise for Director Gerald Webb:

$TACK$ gives us a bit of introspection into our own behaviour, allowing us to step back and reflect on how Hollywood has trained us as viewers to expect very specific actions and outcomes with the positioning of characters, lighting, particular notes and style of music. Even the colours have come to have deep meaning over years of watching movies with the same elements repeated.

It’s not hard to decipher these elements to figure out their meanings but for a director to put them all together into a language that speaks to a wide audience while evoking the same emotion in everyone at the same time, takes skill. Webb makes us all feel the same tension, fear, anticipation, release, humour in the same places in the film.

He played us. It takes a maestro to do that, someone who can instruct and arrange each element: actor, dialogue, location, scenery, music, pace, mood, lighting, audio, cameras, editing — to integrate each element like instruments in an orchestra.”

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$TACK$ Review Core Magazines

‘STACKS’ film was written and shot in two days – Core Magazines