04/11/2014:: Gerald joins the Sharknado 2 cast! Gerald is doing a cameo in Sharknado 2, the sequel to the world wide pop culture hit Sharknado. The film will air in July 2014!
04/11/2014:: Big Bookings for Gerald to jump start 2014 2014 bookings for Gerald: Comedy Central's Workaholics, CBS' Intelligence as the CyberCom Agent Leader, Fox's Rake as the City Prosecutor and Android Cop with Charles S. Dutton and Michael Jai White as George Jones.
04/11/2014:: @GeraldWebb the official twitter @GeraldWebb is Gerald's official twitter. He is VERY active interacting with his fans. Follow him and join the conversation!!!
04/03/2014:: New updates coming I'm so sorry I've been deliquint in updating this news feed!!! I'll keep you better in the loop.
05/21/2011:: Gerald Webb Nominated as 2011 Best Rising Movie Actor!! Gerald was just informed he's been nominated as 2011 Best Rising B Movie Actor! First Battle of Los Angeles getsa nominated for best film now Gerald for best actor. You can vote for him at
05/21/2011:: Battle of Los Angles up for Movie of the Year! Battle of Los Angeles starring Kel Mitchell, Nia Peebles and Gerald is nominated for B Movie of the year!! You can vote for it at
05/21/2011:: Gerald just picture wrapped his first 3D movie!! Gerald is excited to be playing Mayor Collins in the 3D feature film A Haunting in Salem.
08/23/2009:: The Cleaner Gerald appears in an episode of A&E's hit show The Cleaner. He is playing Officer Reyes opposite Benjamin Bratt!!!
08/23/2009:: Gerald books supporting role alongside Tom Brenger and Luke Perry!! Gerald just finished filming and episode of A&E's hit TV show The Cleaner. He plays Officer Reyes opposite Benjamin Bratt!!!
08/10/2009:: Silent Venom is released on DVD & picked up by Sci Fi Channel! Silent Venom featuring Gerald and starring Luke Perry (Beverly Hills 90210), Tom Berenger (the Substitute), Krista Allen (The Final Destination) is available on DVD at your local video store or on Netfilx. It has also been picked up by the Sci Fi channel. It will be a Sci Fi channel world television premier in the fall.
08/10/2009:: Gerald adds new team members! In June Gerald signed with new theatrical management and commercial agency representation. He is very excited about the new team and has been auditioning a lot since the signings.
01/23/2009:: Gerald performs to standing room only crowds at the AIDA showcase The Australian Institute for Dramatic Arts held its 2009 actor showcase this week in LA at the Lounge Theater. Each of the three LA performances were packed including a standing room only crowd for the last performance on Thursday. Gerald performed a monologue from Stephan Adly Guirgis' "The Last Days of Judas Escariot" and a scene from the film "Gross Pointe Blanke" with a little twist added in! The work was very well received and Gerald is fielding calls from several industry professionals as a result. Gerald would like to express how grateful he is to everyone who came out to support the showcase as well as the entire cast and crew. The showcase is now on to San Francisco and New York!!!
01/23/2009:: Gerald Delivers in National Commercial Keep an eye out for a familiar looking delivery guy in the UPS national "whiteboard" commercial campaign. Gerald secured the role last fall and the spot is scheduled to start airing very soon.
10/07/2008:: Award winning "Padme" to air on National TV again. Gerald was one of the lead actors in the award winning "Padme", A mash-up spoof of JUNO and STAR WARS which George Lucas selected for the top prize in the 2008 Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge. "Padme" has already aired on Spike TV and now it's BACK, this time on Comedy Central on an episode of "Atom TV" dedicated to the top Star Wars fan movies of the past several years! So if you missed PADME's TV debut, you've got a bunch of second chances this week on Comedy Central: Tues 10/07 at 2:00 AM, Weds 10/08 at 12:30 PM, Fri 10/10 at 2:00 AM and Sat 10/11 at 10:00 AM. Thanks! And please tell your friends! PS Fair warning -- some familiarity with JUNO and STAR WARS will definitely enhance your enjoyment. ;-)
10/07/2008:: Gerald books another Warner Brothers distributed film! Gerald just completed filming "The Booty Shop". Gerald plays the love interest of the film's lead in this large supporting role. The film features Marcello Thedford (Semi from Employee of the month).
08/20/2008:: "Padme" wins the George Lucas Selects Award a Comic Con Can you say award winning? Well legendary director George Lucas certainly did when he selected "Padme" as the Top prize in the Comic Con / Star Wars fan film contest. "Padme" is a spoof of the "Juno" trailer substituting Star Wars characters and lingo for all of the "Juno" characters. In this lead role Gerald plays "Padme / Juno's" father in the spirit of the Star Wars character Mace (played by Samuel L. Jackson). You can view the award winning short at:
You can view George Lucas announcing the winner here:
08/20/2008:: News updates finally added!!! A bunch of overdue news updates were just added. Please accept Gerald's sincere apologies for the delay. They're all dated 8/20 but the span back over the several months. Thanks for checking in!!!!! The new reel will be up early this fall, so make sure to check back.
08/20/2008:: Gerald is a series regular in the webseries "Jack the Dumbas"!! Gerald has filmed six episodes of the webseries "Jack the Dumbass". Gerald plays the role of Mike, Jack's best friend. "Jack the Dumbass" is as webseries created to support the college tutoring site
08/20/2008:: Gerald books supporting role alongside Tom Brenger and Luke Perry!! Gerald recently completed filming the feature film "Silent Venom". The film stars Tom Berenger (the Substitute, October Road), Luke Perry (Beverly Hills 90210, 8 seconds) and Krista Allen ( Final Destination 4).
08/20/2008:: Gerald books a large supporting role in the Warner Bros film "Colors of the Cross 2" Gerald plays Jude, Jesus brother in the biblical era film "Colors of the Cross 2". The nulite / Warner Bros film is currently available on DVD.
08/20/2008:: Gerald books a supporting role in anothe Warner Bros Film! Gerald plays a jaded boyfriend in the opening scene of the Nulite entertainment / Warner Bros distributed film "Love Ain't Nothing But a 4 Letter Word". The film is the directorial debut of former hip hop star Neffertiti.
08/20/2008:: Gerald continues his work on Warner Bros films by booking a supporting role in Gerald gets auctioned off as the church's most eligible bachelor in the role of "Dr. Nick Fontaye" in the Nu-lite entertainment / Warner Bros distributed film ""Pastor Jones 4: Sisters in Spirit 2".
08/20/2008:: Gerald appears in a Barack Obama campaign commercial! Gerald is a supporting Presidaential candidate Barack Obama appearing in his upcoming general election campaign commercial "Because We Can". Look for over the next few months as the election heats up.
08/20/2008:: Gerald books Starring role in the SciFi, feature film "Reptisaurus" along side Buck Rogers (Gil Gerard) Gerald is staring the Science Fiction film "Reptisaurus" along side veteran actor Gil Gerard. You may remember Gil as the star of the television series "Buck Rogers". Reptisaurus chronicals the adventures of a group of youn friend's that get stranded on an island where top secret weapons experimenatation has gone awry. You can watch the trailer here:
08/20/2008:: Gerald books a large supporting role of "Charles" in the urban comedy "The 1st and the 15th" Gerald continues his run in feature films with the large supporting role of "Charles" in the urban comedy "The 1st and the 15th" from A Praying Mother's Productions. The films chronicals the trials and tribulations of three sisters on public assistance and the men they date. Look for release in late 2008.
08/20/2008:: Gerald books Guest Star role in the internet series "Secret Fridays" Gerald will be playing a very funny house guest in the webseries "Secret Fridays". Gerald's episode is episode #6. You can view the episode at:
08/20/2008:: Gerald books the recurring role of the EMT in the television series "The Lair" Gerald teams up with veterean director Fred Olen Ray again in the HERE! Network television show "The Lair". "The Lair" is the highest rated show in the HERE! network. Gerald will be playing the recurring EMT.
08/20/2008:: Gerald has been named a member of the "Wild Bunch" The internet variety show "The Wild Bunch" will feature Gerald as a series regular host and cast member. The show will combine celebrity interviews, improv, sketch comedy and on the street interviews.
08/20/2008:: Gerald books supporting role in National Lampoon's spoof "Last Episode of Pimp My Ride" Gerald pokes fun at Xzibit and the crew of Pnp My Ride in the National Lampoon's spoof of the popular MTV show "Pimp my Ride". Check it out here:
08/20/2008:: Gerald is now In Paul Parker and AIDA's Master acting class Gerald has move to the top level of AIDA's (the Australian Institute for Dramatic Arts) Master class.
08/20/2008:: Gerald Books recurring role in the internet series "1/8 Life" Gerald booked a recurring role in the upcoming internet series "1/8 Life". Check back for more details.
08/20/2008:: Gerald books series regular role of Ted in 'Box Eyes' webseries: Gerald booked a series regular role of Ted in the webseries "Box Eyes". You can check it out clips at:
05/21/2007:: Filming for the "Stalker Within" Has Started Gerald's shoot dates for the "Stalker Within" began on location May 19th and will run through most of June. Check back for additional updates.
04/17/2007:: Gerald Studies with AIDA Gerald is studying acting with Paul Parker and the Australian Institute for Dramatic Arts.
04/11/2007:: Gerald Books the Lead in the Feature Film "SUV"!!! Gerald has landed the lead role of Rauch in the independent feature film "SUV". Gerald will be filming in early May, making it a very busy month. He will also be filming "The Stalker Within" later in May. "SUV" is slated for film festival submission.
04/11/2007:: Gerald Hosts the Eagles Bleed Green Podcast Gerald is covering his favorite sports team the Philadelphia Eagles for Check it out at:
04/11/2007:: Shooting Dates for the Stalker Within Rescheduled. Gerald is excited to begin shooting his co-starring role in the feature film "The Stalker Within". He will be on location in the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale areas for the rescheduled shoot dates from late May to early June.
03/30/2007:: Gerald studies with renown acting coach Scott Sedita Gerald just completed famed acting coach Scott Sedita's comedic intensive.
02/27/2007:: Gerald's works with Babel Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu Gerald was recently featured in the short film "Anna" by famed and award winning director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. His last film "Babel" won the Golden Globe Award for best film and was nominated for the best film Academy Award.
12/30/2006:: Gerald's Demo Reel Has Been Added to the Site Gerald's acting demo reel (video) has been added to the site. Click on the "Demo Reel" link above and check it out. Additions of new material will be made soon so be sure to check back!!
12/30/2006:: Shooting dates for "The Stalker Within" postponed Shooting dates will not be in early January 2007. They will be rescheduled soon. Check in for updates.
12/12/2006:: Gerald Books Co-starring role in independant feature film Gerald will be co-starring in the full length feature film "Stalker Within". The film also features Dee Wallace-Stone (star of the film ET). The film will shoot on location in the Miami area in January 2007.
11/29/2006:: Gerald books NBC's Identity Gerald will be featured on the new NBC game show Identity hosted by Penn Gillette of Penn and Teller. Gerald will be part of a play at home SMS challenge. The episode will on Dec 19, 2006 on NBC.
11/12/2006:: Gerald reprises his role of Chip Rutley in the latest IYS challenge Gerald reprises his role of Chip Rutley, hungry sports caster, from "Xtreme Update" with a cameo in the latest IYS challenge. The film will be available for download on December 5th at It's challenge #26 "Get Roasted".
11/12/2006:: Gerald lands lead role in independent dramatic, short film Gerald will be playing Professor Roberts, the headmaster at a military academy gone awry.
11/12/2006:: Gerald to play psychic, Isaiah, in comedy series Psychic Hotline Gerald will be starring in another comedy series called "Psychic Hotline". All we can say is Isaiah is a powerful psychic with an intersting take on customer service that's guaranteed to be hilarious. Psychic hotline will be distrubuted as television content for mobile phones in early 2007.
11/12/2006:: Gerald lands co-starring role of Ted in mobile phone series Gerald will be co-starring in a comedy series called "Box Eyes". Ted (Gerald) is the coolest guy around, at least in his own mind. The rest of the world's opinion may differ! Box Eyes will be distrubuted as television content for mobile phones in early 2007.
11/12/2006:: Xtreme Update wins IYS challenge!! Following the success of Date Park the Musical, Xtreme Update won the Xtreme sport challenge for NBC and Carson Daly's Gerald co-starred in the project. Watch extreme update here: copy and paste into your browser.
11/12/2006:: Date Park wins IYS challenge!! Date Park, the Musical won the musical challenge for NBC and Carson Daly's Gerald played a critcal supporting role in the project.
10/30/2006:: Gerald lands the lead in Xtreme Update Based on Gerald's performance in "Date Park the Musical" the producers have cast Gerald as one of the lead Sports casters in the comedy Spoof "Xtreme Update". This will be part of Carson Daly's and NBC's "It's Your Show". Watch extreme update here: - copy and paste into your browser.
10/30/2006:: Gerald Books the Lead in student film "The Passenger" Gerald just finished filming a co-starring role of the car thief in a New York Film Academy student short "The Passenger". The film was directed by Adida Amelia
10/30/2006:: Gerald is comedian Jokoy's stand-in Gerald is comedian Jokoy's stand-in, in the Chinese restaurant skits for upcoming show. Jokoy is one of America's fastest rising comics, check him out at:
10/30/2006:: Gerald lands unique supporting role in the Musical "Date Park" Gerald is definitley stretching himself in this cross over role for Carson Daly's It's Your Show Competition. Watch it online at:
10/04/2006:: Gerald gets role in independent film see for details on the film
04/18/2006:: SWAT's newest Member is Gerald Webb Gerald just completed filming a scene in the upcoming feature film "Nailed". Gerald is playing a Swat team member invoved in a raid at a night club. "Nailed" stars Charles Porter, Sam Sarpong and Wilson Jermaine Heredia.
04/13/2006:: Gerald to Tour with Legendary Rocker Sammy Haggar This summer Gerald will be touring with legendar rocker Sammy Haggar (former lead singer of Van Halen). The tour starts June 1st and will run through August.
12/09/2005:: Gerald Books His First Role Playing a Doctor Gerald is very excited to be playing a co-starring role as a Neorology Fellow (MD) in three episodes of "Epilepsy Today". When asked Gerald said "Playing a doctor and getting all of the medical terminology down is a fun and exciting challenge I am looking forward to".
05/17/2005:: New pics are up! As you can already see the new pics taken by Paul Sirochman are up and spread throughout the site.
04/19/2005:: Gerald has a photo session with Philadelphia photographer Paul Sirochoman Since Gerald's is sporting the new dome look he had new headshots taken by veteran Philly Photographer Paul Sirochoman. Check back very soon to see the finished product.
04/19/2005:: Gerald has a new look!!! Gerald has taken the bold step of shaving his head! This is a new look for Gerald, one he hopes casting directors are looking for.
04/04/2005:: Gerald completes Remix of Ying Yang Twins hit song Wait! Gerald under his DJ moniker DJ World Wide Webb recently finished a remix of the Ying Yang Twin's hit song Wait! (The Whisper Song). Gerald's Remix features the Ying Yang Twins and 80's recording artist Vanity 6. Gerald's contribution to the remix wasn't only on the production side, he wrote and performed a third verse for the song!!! The mix is being very well recieved and is already getting radio play.
02/22/2005:: Gerald appears in National commercial for Stratford Career Institute Gerald appears in National commercial for Stratford Career Institute (
02/22/2005:: Gerald completes Dance remixes of Huey Lewis's 80's hit song Gerald completes Dance remixes of Huey Lewis's 80's hit song "I Want a New Drug"